Why Direct Selling ?

We strongly believe that in this Market Economy, all the earning opportunity whether it is a business or job, exists in market. Let us elaborate you, in this Market Economy someone produce goods or services While someone consumes them.


We all know that, all the money flows in this producer to consumer mechanism. Between this system all the employment exists. There are four necessary factors of production wiz Land, Capital, Entrepreneurship and Labour. Entrepreneurs create jobs for Labours.


These days we see a big problem of unemployment or underemployment just because of people are becoming a part of the herd of job seekers rather than an Entrepreneur. But the big challenge for becoming an Entrepreneur is requirement of Capital, Land and some other technical knowhows.
Thus, most of the people find an easy way to seek a job, but viciously there are no jobs because a lack of Entrepreneurs.


Direct Selling provides you an opportunity to have your own share of that money Which flows in this producer to consumer mechanism, without any need of Land or Capital. All you need to have a strong desire to grab that share.